The Death of Split-screen and Screen-cheating

Sick of screen-cheating on split-screen displays?  Frustrated with playing a console game on a quarter of a TV shared with other players?  Or do you miss the camaraderie of having pizza/drinks with friends when taking a break from local multiplayer gaming?  Many of us have experienced this and miss the true social experience of gaming with friends in-person.  This trend and issue is captured well by Paul Tassi in his excellent article (Are We All Just Giving Up On Split-Screen Video Games Forever?) and summed up by his comment that, “in reality, gaming has become less social than ever.”   Well, MirraViz has a solution for this split-screen problem.

“True” MultiView Display System

With our MultiView display system, multiple gamers can sit next to each other playing local multiplayer games on the same 100″ screen.  The difference versus traditional setups is that each gamer sees their own gaming perspective over the entire game screen and they don’t see what the other gamers are seeing.  No split-screen!  No screen-cheating!  And all glasses-free!

Sounds like magic, right? It is different from anything you have seen in the past and a little hard to visualize, so below is a brief video to give a better idea of what is happening (for more information, see our “How-it-works” post)


MirraViz Solution Brings back Social and Fun Multiplayer Gaming

With our new Multiview gaming system, we plan to bring the “social” back into social gaming.  Imagine you and your friends playing XBOX or PS4 two or four player games or a PC game like Overwatch or LOL and each person getting a full 100” game screen to yourself.  All the while you are sitting next to each other and socializing during and between games.

Bringing this fun, social experience back to gamers everywhere is one of our goals at MirraViz.  By personalizing experiences on large area displays, we hope to reverse the trend of increasingly isolating experiences on small screens and bring families and friend back together again to enjoy fun multiplayer games together in the same room.

Thanks for reading.  BTW this is our first blog, so feel free to provide any feedback on what we can do better.  Also, if you have any insights or comments on the social gaming, split screen or the MirraViz solution please post in the comments section.

Stay tuned for future updates and postings on our product details, launch plans and possible Kickstarter campaign.


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