“Booth Envy” at the E3 Gaming Conference

Wow! Amazing displays and jaw-dropping booth setups!

I wish this commentary was only about MirraViz, but this was actually my first impression walking into the E3 conference hall and seeing all the over-the-top setups and gigantic displays at some of the big company booths.   “Booth envy” and trepidation were my first reactions walking up to the MirraViz booth . . .

Background for this posting is that we recently showcased our MultiView gaming solution at the 2017 E3 conference in LA.  It was a great time for the MirraViz team (shown above), and the reception to our product was amazing with non-stop lines at our booth for the duration of the conference.

The MirraViz booth had a unique MultiView gaming system in which 3 gamers were able to sit next to each other and play Halo on the same 100” curved screen.  They were each able to see their own game view on the entire screen surface without split screen and without being able to screen-cheat.  For people walking by, all that could be seen on the screens was a faint flickering of light.

Below are a few pictures to give a better idea of what was happening.  The top picture shows gamers using the system.  The bottom left picture shows the view for people walking by.  The bottom right shows the view for one of the gamers.

E3 blog picture.png


Below is some of the feedback from press and bloggers who came to our booth:

Even better was the feedback from the gamers.  The initial reaction was usually “Wait.  What?!?  They’re playing Halo right now?  No way!”.   And then when actually using the system the feedback was:  “This is SICK!”, “This is AWESOME!”,  “This is SUPER COOL!

The best part, was that after a few seconds of shock, the gamers just kept playing and enjoying the system while bantering with their friends.  Social gaming returns!

By the end of the conference, we realized that our initial “booth envy” and trepidation at the start of E3 was unfounded.  Special shout out to all the E3 Attendees who tried our system and were so supportive.  Thank you!  You are all awesome!

P.S. Please comment below on what your coolest things you saw at E3 2017.

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