Reddit Runaway: “Fair (glasses free) split screens”

We were posted on Reddit this week, going viral and hitting #8 on the front page with 600K views and >46K upvotes!



The overwhelming response and excitement from gamers was very encouraging! Seems like finding a fix for the split-screen issue and eliminating screen cheating goes a long way towards bringing back true in-person social gaming.

Some of the more entertaining comments below

  1. What the f*** kind of alien technology is this bestowed upon my eyes?
  3. I WANT! I WANT NOW!!!
  4. This is the future people
  5. What sorcery is this?
  6. Woah, what the, what the, what!
  8. Comments on the Reddit posting from the E3 attendees who tried the chair
    • I used this at E3 this year. The picture is stupidly clear
    • Played this at E3. The picture quality is amazing and you can’t see the other screens in the slightest.
    • I tried this at E3 this year, it worked a lot better than this .gif even suggests.
    • Played this at E3, works just as well as it looks, response time is amazing as well!
    • Saw this at E3. Was pretty kick ass!

With the overwhelming response, we are thinking of an AMA (Ask me anything) post on Reddit to discuss and answer popular questions, so please post you questions to the comments section below. Tune in soon!

If you happen to be one of the Reddit readers who posted one of the above comments, Thank you!

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