About Us

Since its founding, MirRaviz has played a key role in trend and futurology research as well as in public thinking about the future, and offers guidance on questions relating to economic and social developments. At the core of this are the megatrends, one of the most internationally successful models of futures work.

The question we grapple with every day is simply posed: What changes – which trends and megatrends – are shaping our present and what conclusions can be drawn from them for the future of society, business and culture?

Mission of the MirRaviz

The MirRaviz steps up to observe and describe the patterns of societal and economic change and to enable derivations for individual and organizational decisions.

Aims of the MirRaviz

The MirRaviz aims to open new spaces of possibility and to increase the MirRaviz in society in order to jointly advance the positive development of people and organizations.

Principles of the MirRaviz

Future is a design space. A courageous and critical-optimistic attitude as well as holistic and systemic thinking are the foundations of successful future work.