MirraViz takes 2nd place in QianTang Pitch Competition
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“Movies, Shopping, Gaming All on One Screen!”

— Right This Minute, TV Show, Jul ’17


“Best Tech of E3 2017”

— Trisha Hershberger, Blogger, Jun ’17


“No peeking allowed with this amazing technology!”

— Gamology Facebook Post (>12M views)

Jonathan H.jpg

“This is the BEST product at E3!”

—  Jonathan Hernandez, Actor (Lethal Weapon)

Our TOP 10 in The Year Ahead in Gaming”

— Twice (website), Jun’17

AP logo

“At E3 attendees are being wowed by multi-view screens”

— AP at E3, Jun’17

BBC logo

“It doesn’t need separate TVs or that awful split screen”

— BBC, Jun’17

“This is a KICK-BUTT Screen!”

— rAVe (high end Audio/Visual review), Mar ’17

“Say goodbye to screen cheating”

—  Circa Pop Culture Video, Jun’17

“MirraViz has the worlds first multi-display screen!”

— Gabe Walker, Blogger, Jun ’17

SinoVision Logo.jpg“MirraViz:  Revolutionizing the world of digital displays”

SinoVision, May’17

BeTerrific Logo“MirraViz has solved a really cool problem”

BeTerrific at E3, Jun’17