MirraViz MultiView “How-it-works”, Magic or Physics?

One of the most common questions we get when people try out our MultiView system is, “Wait, what?!? How the heck does this work?” In this post, we provide some basic information on how the MirraViz technology works to enable multiplayer gaming and large screen personalized entertainment. MultiView Display Introduction Before we get into the … Continue reading MirraViz MultiView “How-it-works”, Magic or Physics?

“Booth Envy” at the E3 Gaming Conference

Wow! Amazing displays and jaw-dropping booth setups! I wish this commentary was only about MirraViz, but this was actually my first impression walking into the E3 conference hall and seeing all the over-the-top setups and gigantic displays at some of the big company booths.   “Booth envy” and trepidation were my first reactions walking up to … Continue reading “Booth Envy” at the E3 Gaming Conference

The Death of Split-screen and Screen-cheating

Sick of screen-cheating?  Frustrated with playing a console game on a quarter of a TV shared with other players?  Or do you miss the camaraderie of having pizza/drinks with friends when taking a break from gaming? Many of us have experienced this and miss the true social experience of gaming in-person with friends.  This trend … Continue reading The Death of Split-screen and Screen-cheating