MirraViz MultiView “How-it-works”, Magic or Physics?

One of the most common questions we get when people try out our MultiView system is, “Wait, what?!? How the heck does this work?” In this post, we provide some basic information on how the MirraViz technology works to enable multiplayer gaming and large screen personalized entertainment. MultiView Display Introduction Before we get into the … Continue reading MirraViz MultiView “How-it-works”, Magic or Physics?

Do you see what I see? (MirraViz Videos)

One of the  challenges we have in describing MirraViz products is that it is difficult to visualize MultiView in action.  The capability for several people to view same screen at the same time and each see completely different content all glass-free is unique.  To help address this, below are a few MirraViz videos to show … Continue reading Do you see what I see? (MirraViz Videos)